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ACRRM has compiled a directory of technology products including videoconferencing hardware, desktop and mobile software solutions.

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Product Namesort icon Type
Commbox Touchscreens Mobile application
Conference HD Camera Webcam
Conference HD Camera - Panasonic Webcam
Conference HD Camera - Sharp Webcam
Conference HD Camera - Toshiba Webcam
Connect Telehealth Services Facilitated TeleHealth Solution
Coviu Web / browser-based
Double trolley Mobile application
Ekiga Desktop software
Ergonomics- Trolleys, Mounts and other Accessories Desktop software
eVideo - VidyoDesktop Desktop software
eVideo dual LED trolley Mobile application
eVideo LED trolley Mobile application
eVideo Polycom HDX 6000 Bundle Videoconferencing hardware
eVideo Radvision SCOPIA XT5000 Bundle Videoconferencing hardware
eVideo VidyoRoom HD 100 Bundle Videoconferencing hardware
eVideo-Polycom Group 310 Videoconferencing hardware
eVideo-Polycom RealPresence Group 500 Videoconferencing hardware
eVideo-Polycom RealPresence Group 700 Videoconferencing hardware
EzyMeetz Web / browser-based
Faceme video collaboration Desktop software
FaceTime Desktop software
Flexicam Multi-purpose Medical Camera Videoconferencing hardware
Foxo Web / browser-based
Global Meet Desktop software
Global Meet (mobile) Mobile application
GoToMeeting Web / browser-based
GP2U TeleHealth Web / browser-based
HD Pro Webcam C910 Webcam
HD Webcam C510 Webcam