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Product type: Desktop software


Despite hundreds of products, when people need to collaborate with remote experts or teammates, they are often frustrated. When was the last time you had a great experience?

A team of Stanford University human computer interaction scientists and network experts created VSee to overcome the limitations of traditional tools. Our goal is a simple and yet full featured product that works over any network, and requires minimal training.

VSee is funded by Salesforce.comIn-Q-Tel and National Science Foundation.



Phone Address
650.390.6970 (tel) 1286 Kifer Road, Suite 103,
650.649.1904 (fax) Sunnyvale, CA 94086.


Technical Specifications
Operating system compatibility:
  • Windows
  • Mac
Max. resolution: HD
  • Call recording
  • Screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • Encryption
  • Note: Low Bandwidth, Connect from Anywhere, even on 3G/4G Cellular One-click web video calling VSee simplifies patient-doctor interactions with its easy no-install, one-click video calling from the web. One-click screen share Whether it's a medical chart or treatment instructions, doctors or patients can share the application or document by simply clicking on it. Circle or draw on the shared application with the VSee annotation tool to make explanations clear. Share medical devices VSee provides medical device integration with stethoscopes, otoscopes, ultrasounds, X-rays, surgical fluoroscopes, etc. Doctors can both receive clear medical device readings and observe patients in HD video simultaneously. Low bandwidth HD video and 3G mobility VSee makes HD video practical over consumer networks by only requiring a fraction of the bandwidth of Skype and Vidyo. A NIH paper published in the Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth showed that VSee works well even over 3G networks. VSee is ideal where bandwidth is low and has been successfully used from Rwanda to Indonesia to Syria. Secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliance VSee uses end-to-end 256-bit AES, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption to guarantee that no servers have access to the decryption keys. VSee is so secure that it beat out Cisco and Polycom for U.S. Congress approval to run behind its firewall. Learn more at vsee.com/hipaa.