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Product type: Desktop software

Pexip Infinity is a scalable software platform providing personal meeting rooms for any number of users on video, voice and mobile. Simply meet with Pexip.

Pexip Infinity’s unique architecture is purely software-based and virtualized, meaning it can be deployed quickly and simply with the flexibility to scale as required. The complementary Pexip App allows users to control the conference and view presentations from their own personal devices. The Pexip solution overthrows conventional telepresence thinking, rendering traditional hardware architectures obsolete. It will lead the revolution to provide video to everyone.

Your company already knows the value of video; it’s changed how you communicate and helped curb travel expenses. But traditional video deployments have their limitations: the hardware is expensive, and conferences can quickly overload your bandwidth, meaning that often only a select few are given access to video. However, employees increasingly expect conferencing on demand, from whatever device is most convenient to them wherever they may be. How can you support enterprise-quality, secure conferencing for everyone in your organization, from a variety of different devices, while at the same time reducing costs and keeping it all simple?

From the core, Pexip Infinity was designed to distribute conferencing resources throughout a network, enabling the pooling of hardware and licenses and reducing use of WAN bandwidth. The hurdles of high port costs and expensive bandwidth that prevent large-scale conferencing today are eliminated, making personal virtual meeting rooms for all a reality.

Runs on industry-standard servers like any other software service. The same flexibility in deployment, resilience and redundancy. In your data center. No custom hardware needed.
Deploy the load where and when you need it. Save bandwidth. Deploy licenses from a central pool where needed.
Compatible with virtually any video conferencing endpoint – software or hardware.
Pay only for the number of licenses you use. Enable anyone in your organization to participate from anywhere. Scale up or down as you go.
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Technical Specifications
Hardware standards:
  • SIP
  • H.225 (Call Signalling, Registration, Admission and Status (RAS), Multiplexing)
  • H.235 (Authentication)
  • H.239 (Dual stream video conferencing capability)
  • H.245 (Control Signalling)
  • H.261
  • H.263
  • H.263+
  • H.264
  • H.323
  • H.460 (Firewall traversal)
  • Mpeg
  • Other
  • H.264SVC, Opus, Microsoft Lync, WebRTC, VPA8 Future H.265, VPA9
Operating system compatibility:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows mobile
Frames per second: 30fps
Recommended bandwidth: Unique bandwidth reduction capabilities.
  • ACT Health
  • NSW Health
  • DoH NT
  • QLD Health
  • SA Health
  • DHHS Tas
  • VicHealth
  • WA Health
  • Note: Standards based video and audio conferencing - H.323, SIP, Microsoft Lync.