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Product type: Web / browser-based

TeleHealth on your website

Unlike many other TeleHealth solutions, Online Medical offers TeleHealth facilities which are integrated directly into your existing Online Medical website. Practitioners and their staff need not learn or access an additional, third-party administrative system to set their availability, and their patients can access online bookings without being directed away from the practitioner’s website. 

This user-friendly and centralized approach not only eliminates the need for practitioners to remember additional passwords, it also allows us to create a cost-effective solution, which does not incur expensive monthly or ‘per-consultation’ subscription fees. 

Online Bookings Integrated with your existing Practice Management Software or Online Medical Website

For practices running PracSoft or BestPractice Practice Management Software, appointment blocks and availability are fed directly from the existing software, allowing for real-time online bookings that automatically populate your existing PMS. Patients book their appointment securely from your existing Online Medical website, without being redirected away to a third-party application or directory.

Alternatively, specialists can add their availability through their own website admin console (no third party subscriptions are needed) and allow patients / GPs to view their availability, select a timeslot and request a booking direct from the specialist / GP website.  Requests are sent directly to the PA / Admin staff for review and comparison with existing bookings; simply reply to the email to confirm / negotiate the booking with the patient.

While all correspondence between the patient / GP and the practice is sent over email, it is also automatically logged within the Admin console of the practitioners existing website CMS, allowing for secure reference to the case / patient details.

One-click Consulting, no extra hardware require

Once the Telehealth consultation is confirmed, the patient (or GP) is sent a unique meeting ID with which they can join the session using a computer, tablet (I.e iPad) or smartphone.  Patients / GPs are directed to the practice website where they can input their ID and join the session with one click. 

Specialist / practitioners access the meeting as the “Host” – again, with one click – from their desktop, tablet or smartphone. All attendees need only a webcam, microphone and internet connection to access the consultation.

Proven, world-class video conferencing

Online Medical is a corporate partner of Citrix, creators of world leading web-based video conferencing solutions.  Our Telehealth solution includes installation and instruction in the use of GoToMeeting, a video conferencing platform already used successfully for Telehealth around the world, including a recent successful trial at the Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne.

Patients can attend at no additional cost to them, with specialist / GP hosts paying only a flat monthly subscription fee for unlimited video consultations. 

Video Conferencing Features:

  • See meeting attendees in High Definition.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use, intuitive video controls.
  • Share relevant images and documents in real-time
  • Resizable viewer and layouts: Video layout can be adapted to virtually any screen and projection configuration.
  • No proprietary hardware configuration: Most HD-capable webcams support HD video
  • Simple, one-click recording: Recording are created in a versatile, cross-browser and cross-device compatible video file and stored on a local hard drive. Online, secure hosting can also be provided to allow access for secure sharing with the relevant GP or patient.
  • Organiser video controls: Mute/unmute, dismiss or request video from attendees directly from their video feeds.
  • Secure 128-bit AES encryption: Video streams receive the same industry-standard SSL and government-standard protection as the rest of the online meeting.
  • Bandwidth optimisation: Automatically adjusts to the available bandwidth and hardware resources of each participant to provide each user with the best-possible user experience. See six streams at a resolution of 640p x 480p each for a total maximum resolution of 1920p x 960p.

Life-time Directory Listing at no extra cost

Online Medical is an established and well respected website design and development firm; catering to and offering online solutions for medical professionals since 2010.  As a new initiative, we are developing a comprehensive online directory service for our Australian clients, due to roll out at the end of 2012. New or existing Online Medical clients opting for TeleHealth facilities on their website will receive a full-page listing on the directory at no extra cost.  Ever.

The directory is being built – as with all solutions developed by Online Medical – by our highly skilled designers and developers to be a beautiful, highly functional and search-engine optimized website.  Features of the Directory include:

  • Practitioners can be found via refined searches by location / specialty / facilities and more
  • Full page directory listings, including your logo / branding, website links, photos and even video
  • Google maps integration for every listing
  • All listings include unique meta tags and descriptions for better search optimization and visibility
  • Edit your listing whenever you like, online, 24/7



Technical Specifications
Hardware standards:
  • H.239 (Dual stream video conferencing capability)
  • H.264
  • Call recording
  • Screen sharing
  • File transfer
  • Security PIN
Compatibility: VicHealth