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Product type: Mobile application

MyOnlineClinic is a fully integrated medical software. An integrative Health Tech platform that enables all Healthcare providers connectivity through Telehealth.

Offering an extended 24/7 service in the metro, regional A powerful collaborative tool for Health Providers, Clinics, Emergency Services and Hospitals

Solving the disconnect between vertical health silos.

Health Professionals (GPs, Specialists and Allied Health): A cloud based mobile responsive practice management software with telehealth and chronic disease management capability 24/7. Enabling real time connectivity to patients. Can issue Radiology, Pathology, medical certificates and referrals within the APP. Ability to track your patients vital data with Bluetooth devices. The ability to export data into your current PMS.

Patients: Access to Healthcare consultations 24/7. Monitor chronic disease from home. Medication management. Medical records on a digital device. Request script online and delivered to closest pharmacy. 

Organisations: A tool that connects many stakeholders together using connected software. Collaboration with Primary Care Providers  and emergency services. - Efficiencies of services & saving money - Engage with private external providers to deliver more cost effective service - Implement innovativetechnology solutions - Analytics & Reporting capability.

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info [at] myonlineclinic [dot] com [dot] au

Founder: Dr Ash Collins - Telemedicine Australia
Price: Dependent on Health Professionals individual charges. Dependent on Health Professionals individual charges. from MyOnlineClinic
Ongoing cost: Free eHealth APP for patients. Practitioners have a monthly subscription fee.
Free trial: Available
Technical Specifications
Hardware standards:
  • Other
  • WebRTC
Operating system compatibility:
  • iOS
  • Android
Frames per second: It is a variant, the frame rate changes depending on the connection.
Recommended bandwidth: Higher bandwidth may be required for higher quality video.
  • ACT Health
  • NSW Health
  • DoH NT
  • QLD Health
  • SA Health
  • DHHS Tas
  • VicHealth
  • WA Health