eVideo VidyoRoom HD 100 Bundle

By eVideo Communications

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Product type: Videoconferencing hardware

VidyoRoom systems deliver an incredible telepresence experience over everyday networks with off-the-shelf camera and audio components. Vidyo provides hospitals, specialized medical centers and physician clinics with low latency telepresence-quality video conferencing from any mobile, desktop or room-based endpoint over the Internet.

Vidyo Bundle:
- Vidyo Room HD100 system
- Sony HD Camera
- ClearOne Chat150USB Group Speakerphone

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Technical Specifications
Hardware standards:
  • H.263
  • H.263+
  • H.264
Operating system compatibility:
  • Windows
  • Mac
Max. resolution: High definition quality 1280x720, 16: aspect ratio
Frames per second: 1280x720 at 30fps
Microphones: 1
Features: Note: - Easy to deploy and use - Stunning HD quality without noticeable delay - Works over general purpose IP networks