Chorus Call Australia - LifeSize Room 220

By Chorus Call Australia

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Product type: Videoconferencing hardware

Organisations using Chorus call services:

ANZCA - Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists

RACS - Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

RACGP - The Royal Australian College of General Practioners

RACDS - Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons

Australian Medical Student Association

Australian New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Network

Australian College of Midwives

The College of Intensive Care

General Practice Victoria

The Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators

Australian College Podiatric Surgeons

AV Telehealth - Royal Brisbane Hospital - We supply video conferencing bridging facilities


Price: Price range from $1768.57-$18513.27
Technical Specifications
Hardware standards:
  • SIP
  • H.225 (Call Signalling, Registration, Admission and Status (RAS), Multiplexing)
  • H.235 (Authentication)
  • H.239 (Dual stream video conferencing capability)
  • H.245 (Control Signalling)
  • H.261
  • H.263
  • H.263+
  • H.264
  • H.323
  • H.460 (Firewall traversal)
Frames per second: 30fps
Screens: Dual HD Monitor
Recommended bandwidth: 384k
  • Call recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Encryption
  • Autofocus
Compatibility: QLD Health