By Precedence Health Care

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Product type: Web / browser-based

cdmnet has partnered with Cisco to use WebEx to provide telehealth services to help in the management of chronic disease. Health care providers involved in a patient’s care can easily generate targeted notifications to invite participants to a telehealth session, access to the patients shared medical record and chronic disease plan as well as being able to share documents, and images.

  • All Health care provider can be easily booked and invited to a telehealth session
  • The cdmNet health record and GP management plan is shared
  • Medicare requirements documented:
    • All telehealth session bookings and invitations are recorded
    • Clinical Progress notes date and time stamped
  • Video and voice enhance the consultation
  • Other documents  and images can be shared

cdmNet provides an easy way for practitioners to satisfy the Medicare requirements for Telehealth, which require documentation of clinical notes at the time of the telehealth conference. cdmNet telehealth records the telehealth appointment time and health providers invited to the session. It date and time stamps the note added providing an audit trail that of telehealth activity.  For Medicare telehealth billing the teleconference includes the patient, a GP or Nurse and a specialist, however this telehealth facility supports collaborative care amongst all health care providers involved in the patients care.

Free trial: Contact vendor - for cdmNet users only
Technical Specifications
Hardware standards:
  • Other
  • Uses WebEx via cdmNet
Operating system compatibility:
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Screen sharing
  • Security PIN
  • Note: Integrated telehealth withing cdmNet - easy to use for the patient's care team
  • ACT Health
  • NSW Health
  • DoH NT
  • QLD Health
  • SA Health
  • DHHS Tas
  • VicHealth
  • WA Health