Wound Specialist Services

Distant end practitioner

Located in Samford, QLD

Our vision is to create a better life for people with or at risk for wounds and those caring for them. Wound Specialist Services uses digital solutions to give as many people as possible access to wound knowledge anytime and anywhere to improve patient and health service outcomes. We enable the delivery of best practice wound care through our comprehensive range of services including our Virtual Wound Clinic, Clinical Service Improvement Program and our Digital Wound courses.

Consulting disciplines: Wound specialist service for patients with complex chronic wounds including lower limb ulceration, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, malignant/fungating wounds, pilonidal sinus, surgical wounds and other complex wound types
Using technologies: Coviu

Consultation times: Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm
Booking contact: To make an appointment or to find out more email info@woundservice.com.au or phone 0404046301 or visit http://woundservice.com.au/ to make an appointment online