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Australia wide

onPsych is offering psychological services via teleheatlh to children, adolescents, adults and families across Australia. For those individuals living in regional areas and have a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP, this service can be bulk-billed (no gap fee). For those who are not eligible to claim under Medicare, onPsych offers competitive private rates.

Time and place of telehealth sessions are determined by the client and the onPsych clinician. For children and adolescents, sessions can be held at school and / or at home, to ensure teachers and parents can reinforce strategies and understand the behaviours and difficulties the young person is experiencing. For adults, sessions can be held at home, at their workplace, place of study, or where ever they feel safe and have reception. If required (and with client consent), we can also include educators, managers / supervisors, partners to ensure the client’s needs are met and supported.

onPsych has a large team of clinicians who have capacity to take on telehealth clients immediately. The team is comprised of Registered Psychologists and Accredited Mental Health Social Workers. Within the onPsych team, there is a vast array of experience and expertise which is considered when referrals are allocated. 

For more information and a referral pack, please email mchristie [at] onpsych [dot] com [dot] au

Consulting disciplines:
  • Generalist Counselling
  • Mental health Social Worker
  • Psychology
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Using technologies:

Consultation times: onPsych telehealth appointment times will be negotiated between the client and the allocated onPsych practitioner.
Booking contact: For a referral pack or for more information, please email Meg on mchristie@onpsych.com.au. If you have a completed onPsych referral form and a GP referral, email all documents to Meg. Alternatively, fax the documents to 1300651580 with "attention Meg Christie". Meg will allocate an onPsych practitioner for you as soon as possible.