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The Neuropsychiatry Unit of the RMH specialises in younger onset dementia,particularly cases which are unusual or difficult to diagnose.  They run ayoung onset dementia outpatient clinic (by appointment in clinic AND via telehealth/videoconsult) which accepts referrals througout Australia and provides a free, comprehensive diagostic service. 

How to refer:

Referrals may be sent via postal mail, via fax or via email.

We request that the referrer send all available information on the patient to accompany the referral: past correspondence, test results, discharge summaries or reports.  If possible, neuroimaging should either accompany the patient directly at an appointment, or ideally be sent on CD via the referrl.

NB: Please use the NPU Referral Form for all referrals. 

Please click on Referrers at to access our form.




Consulting disciplines:
  • Psychiatry
  • Neuropsychology Neuropsychiatry
Using technologies: Coviu
TeleHealth directories: Other...

Booking contact: The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Neuropsychiatry Unit - Telehealth Service

Refer via:

•Referral form -

•Phone: (03) 9342-8750

•Fax: (03) 9342‑8483


•Post: Neuropsychiatry Unit, Level 2, John Cade Building, Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC 3050

Web: Melbourne Young Onset Dementia Service (MYOD)