Dr Asha Sadasivan

Distant end practitioner

Located in GOLD COAST, QLD


Psychiatrist with over 12 years’ experience in psychiatry, worked with ethno-culturally diverse population across three different continents.  I am experienced with managing individuals with varying severity of mental illnesses. Excellent background in psycho pharmacology and interest in responsibly measuring outcomes of treatments.  Adept communicator, able to engage with patients and effectively work with other team members within complex organisation structures. Special interest in managing patients suffering from Anxiety disorders, Psychotic disorders, trauma related disorders, Personality Disorders, and mood disorders.


Consulting disciplines: Psychiatry
Using technologies:
TeleHealth directories:
  • Anywhere Healthcare
  • Telehealth Solutions Australia
  • TeleMedicine Australia

Consultation times: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm
Booking contact: Reception
email: reception.psclinic@gmail.com