Dr Arun Dhir

Distant end practitioner


I am a specialist Upper Gastro Intestinal and General with a special interest in Weight loss surgery.My website www.melbournegastrosurgery.com.au details my training/experience and the services I provide.

My public appointment is at Monash Medical Centre,Clayton and I consult privately at Jessie McPherson Hospital and La Trobe Private Hospital. 

I can be contacted via e mail or phone.

You can choose to send a referral form to me via the web by going to "Contact Us" section on my website,where there is a "Referral Form" that can be filled on line.This will be recieved by me instantly however,please note that you will also need to print ,sign the same  and fax /mail to me ,for purposes of record keeping.Any management decisions,appointments etc. can still be made after we have recieved the online form,thereby saving time.

Consulting disciplines:
  • General Surgery
  • Upper GI surgery,Obesity Surgery,Gastric and Oesophageal cancer surgery,General Surgery & Endoscopy
TeleHealth directories: Telehealth Solutions Australia

Consultation times: 9AM - 5PM Mon- Fri
Booking contact: Phone: 1300 737 118
E Mail: info@melbournegastrosurgery.com.au
Website: www.melbournegastrosurgery.com.au
www.Consult Direct.com.au