Distant end practitioner

Australia wide

1. Appointments Within 48 Hours

We understand that access to specialist mental health care is a critical issue in regional and rural Australia. As such, we have made it a priority for patients to receive timely, specialised care to patients, and have committed to and always delivered on our promise to see patients within 48 hours. Waiting times to see mental health specialists often run into weeks or months in rural communities, and by being able to see patients sooner, we help both patients through early intervention and the community in general by working together and reducing the strain on local health infrastructure.

2. Collaborative Care Approach

We believe that links to the local community are essential to the ongoing care of the patient's mental and general wellbeing. As such, we strongly encourage patients to have the appointment at the GP clinic so that the GP remains the centre of patient care, and that optimum care can be delivered to the patient through a collaborative approach with other health care professionals. However, in cases where appointments from the GP clinic cannot be arranged, our platform can just as easily be accessed from the patient's computer, laptop or smartphone.

3. Extended Effective Working Hours

Our specialist mental health care team is based across Australia. This effectively increases the clinic hours of our practitioners, for example, a patient in rural NSW is able to see a psychiatrist after work at 7pm NSW time as we have practitioners based in WA where the time is only 4pm. After-hours care is a critical issue in rural communities, and we have consciously shaped our services to deliver care with this in mind.

4. Wide Range of Specialists

Our team of psychiatrists, developmental paediatricians and psychologists have been chosen to cover a wide range of sub-specialities, from addiction and substance abuse to Aboriginal health and paediatric health. This allows patients to not only see specialists in a timely manner, but receive the best possible care with a specialist who has the relevant sub-specialisation.

5. Telehealth Platform

We use the Coviu platform, which was jointly developed by the CSIRO for telehealth in Australia, as the platform on which we conduct our telehealth appointments. Coviu is specifically designed for telehealth, meaning patients and practitioners can engage in high quality video conferencing, with interactive features such as file sharing, whiteboard, screensharing and other features allowing for the best comprehensive consultation. It is also a browser based application (requiring only Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), meaning no other software needs to be downloaded.

6. Minimal Fees

By being based in the cloud, we are able to keep fees to a minimum, further removing a barrier to patient's health. We have a small out of pocket fee, but can waive fees and bulk bill in specific cases. We bulk bill for Aboriginal Medical Services, headspaces, Health Care Card holders and DVA card holders. There is no cost to the GP or the GP clinic for using the platform.



Consulting disciplines:
  • Addiction medicine
  • Paediatrics and child health
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Using technologies: Coviu

Consultation times: Our clinic hours are from 8am AEST to 8pm AEST Our phone lines are open from 10am AEST to 6pm AEST
Booking contact: Phone: (02) 8003 7668
Fax: (02) 8569 1844