Assoc. Prof Helen O'Connell

Distant end practitioner


Associate Professor Helen O’Connell completed training as Australia’s first female Urologist in 1993. She was Fellowship trained by world renowned expert in NeuroUrology and Urology, Dr Edward J McGuire MD, in Houston, Texas 1994-1995. Based at The University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Melbourne Private Hospital, she completed a Doctorate of Medicine in female pelvic anatomy in 2004 having earned a Masters degree in 1997 for a project on female urge incontinence.

Associate Professor O’Connell has been on the Board of Directors of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons since 2005 and was the specially elected Director to the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand for 2005-2010. She was the Chair of the Board of Surgical Research for the College in 2007-2009.

Her clinical and research focus is on surgical treatment to rectify lower urinary tract problems, particularly incontinence and outlet obstruction.

Urology Surgeon

Consulting disciplines: Urology
Using technologies: Skype

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