Interesting telehealth article in Pulse +IT

The following article (opinion piece) by Chris Ryan in the last edition of Pulse+ IT provides a good overview of telehealth initiatives and advice.

The article opens with the following observation-

Articulating what is involved can be like articulating the health system itself — not an easy task. This is because video consulting is just normal consulting with another travel option. The trouble is that most people’s horizons only extend to considering the ‘transport’ components (video conferencing), rather than all the end‑to‑end management and logistics that we take for granted under normal circumstances, and more besides.

The trick is to view video consulting as just another travel option and to think about the answers to these questions in terms of extending current paradigms where possible and then filling the gaps”

ACRRM telehealth team agree with this observation and our approach and individualised service/advice takes into account the context of the required consultation and respect for the referral pathways required to enhance patient care.

We provide customised support - with no commercial interest in any product or alliance.

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