Telehealth specialist consultations 'indispensable' to health equity for rural people

Dr Ewen McPhee, ACRRM TeleHealth case study

The parent, the GP, the paediatrician and the teacher each have a role in dealing with a child's developmental and behavioural problems. What are the chances of getting all four together — in the presence of the child — to help resolve these problems?

Thinking of taking up Telehealth?

An independent directory of general practices and specialists equipped for telehealth video consultations has recently been established by the Australian College of Rural and Remote M

Telehealth directory ensures rural patients are ‘better connected’ with medical specialists services

Media Release

8 June 2012

Distance and expense both deter people in rural and remote communities from seeking a specialist’s opinion on their condition. As a result, delayed treatment often[1] meant more radical interventions were needed to treat the condition.

With the advent of affordable, easy-to-use audio-visual communication, patients can now ‘see’ a specialist without leaving their community.

Adopting telehealth is a natural for rural and remote innovators: geriatrician

Adopting telehealth is a natural for rural and remote innovators: geriatrician

Submitted May 23rd 2012

Elderly patients are usually the frailest and the least mobile. A Bendigo geriatrician has seized on telehealth technology to save his patients the trouble and expense of extensive travel.

Taking strides with telehealth

Story by: Australian Ageing Agenda, published on Thu, 17/05/2012

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine's eHealth strategic programs manager, Vicki Sheedy, said she was pleased to see Orana had implemented the innovative technology, according to the statement released by Lutheran Community College.