ACRRM met with Specialist Colleges regarding telehealth

ACRRM meets with Specialist Colleges and other stakeholders to collaborate on telehealth support services and strategies to assist clinicians

ACRRM met with members of the ACRRM National TeleHealth Advisory Committee (NATHAC) on the 3rd of October. This was the 2nd meeting of this National Committee.

This committee comprises members from Specialist Colleges, RDAA, peak rural and Aboriginal organisations, Nursing Colleges, other relevant health stakeholders to agree Standards and strategies to support clinicians, at both ends of the consultation, to provide effective telehealth services

Prof Anthony Maeder (chair of the Standards Australia telehealth Committee and Australian ISO representative on the ISO telehealth committee) is working with ACRRM and this committee to assist in the rationalisation of the plethora of standards and guidelines to provide practical advice to members.

Medicare Australia provided an update on uptake of the MBS Telehealth Initiative.

The most significant uptake has been in rural, remote and regional areas of Australia.

Over 1768 claims have been processed with the greatest majority of claims made In Queensland.